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Irish Folk Pub Munich

The Irish Folk Pub was founded 6th August 1977 by Heidi and Ede Martin. It was the first Irish Pub to be established in Munich and is meanwhile the oldest in Germany.

Apart from an excellent pint of Guinness, a fine range of Irish and German beers are also on offer. Also available is an impressive variety of over 130  Irish Whiskys and Scotch Whiskys. In summer, a cool creamy pint of Guinness, crowned with the traditional can also be enjoyed outside.

For the last 25 years, patrons have enjoyed live traditional Irish Music played every Thursday evening by Irish musicians. Occasional sessions are also a feature. The long list of guests has included many big names from the Irish Folk scene, most notably The Dubliners, Rory Gallagher, Sean Tyrell, Clannad, Boys of Sligo, Mary Begin, and Tiger Lillies.

The ever popular whisky tasting remains a popular attraction. The kitchen offers a fine selection of mainly Irish dishes. Regularly on offer are Beef in Guinness, Irish Stew, Shepherd's Pie, Lamb with green beans, Cock-a-leekie-Soup, Irish Salmon as well as Toasts and Sandwiches.

The "Irish Folk Pub Dart Club Munich e.V." has had its home here since 1979 and is thereby one of the oldest and most successful Dart clubs in Germany. As well as 16 Bavarian Championships and countless cup successes the club won the "German Team Championship" title in 1997. Many German national team members, as well as Bavarian and German champions have had their sporting roots here.
As a little light relief from the intensive training matches the players and regulars often indulge in a game of "rings", an old Irish game.

Only recently the first Bavarian-Irish-Greyhound-Club was founded. A greyhound called "Old Irish" will represent the Bavarian / Irish colours when it runs in Cork.

Since February 1998 the Pub own website provides up to date information as to its activities.

In November 2014 Quirin Schartner is the new owner of the Pub.


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Wednesday to
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Irish Folk Pub
"the old irish"
Giselastraße 11
80802 München

Telefon +49 89 342446

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