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Short Cocktails

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Old Fashioned *5 4cl Irish Whiskey, Angostura, Mineralwater, Ice 12.50 €
Tequila - Sunrise 12.00 €
Tree Frog *5 Blue Curacao, Orange Juice, Lemon, Ice 11.50 €
Whiskey Sour 4cl Irish Whiskey, Lemon Juice, Soda, Ice 12.50 €


Alcohol free Cocktails

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*1 - preservatives
*2 - Contains caffeine
*3 - antioxidants
*5 - contains colouring
*7 - quinine


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Opening Hours

Wednesday to
Sunday 06:00 pm

Monday and
Tuesday closed


Irish Folk Pub
"the old irish"
Giselastraße 11
80802 München

Telefon +49 89 342446

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